UCoat It systems provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance

The floors throughout an automotive facility have to be incredibly versatile due to the specific needs of each individual area. Whether you need a beautiful high-gloss floor coating for your showroom or an extremely durable and chemical resistant coating for your service bays, UCoat It has the perfect system for you. It is because of our wide variety of systems and industry proven products that customers like Tesla, BMW, Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage, Nikola Motor Company, ACDelco and Universal Technical Institute have chosen UCoat It floor coatings.

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Some of the many benefits of a UCoat It floor coating system

  • Systems are available in several colors to fit the décor of your dealership
  • Various systems are highly chemical against oil, gas, break fluid and other chemicals found in the services area
  • The biggest benefit we offer is that all our systems have a lifetime warranty