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UCoat System

Water based, has very little odor, is non-flammable and is easy to clean making it a go-to product for virtually any concrete or wood substrate.

Starting at $124.95

UCoat w/ UGloss System

Ideal for areas with low ventilation as the system has little to no offensive odor and is also nonflammable meaning it can be used virtually anywhere.

Starting at $269.90

UCoat w/ UGloss-AF System

Includes flexibility of 1/8” mandrel, chemical and abrasion resistance and a high gloss finish making it a great system for medium to high traffic areas.

Starting at $229.90

UCoat w/ Flek System

This system is ideal for areas like offices, locker rooms and basements as it is odor free, non-flammable and dries quickly to reduce downtime.

Starting at $294.90

UCoat w/ UFlek-AF System

Provides a decorative, high gloss finish hiding minor imperfection in the substrate, while maintaining a chemical and abrasion resistant surface.

Starting at $254.90

UltraLife System

Creates a simulated terrazzo finish that will hide most substrate imperfections and provides great chemical and abrasion resistance.

Starting at $419.90

UClad-LV System

This system can be built up (12-16 mils thick when dry) with multiple coats to increase film thickness and to fill voids in substrate.

Starting at $449.90

UGlaze System

UGlaze provides an outstanding hard, high gloss finish while retaining color retention, even under ultraviolet exposure.

Starting at $123.95

Metallon 50 System

This metallic epoxy system provides a beautiful pearlescent, high-gloss, modern looking finish to just about any surface.

Starting at $464.85

Metallon 100 System

A great way to incorporate our highly decorative, mesmerizing metallic pigments into high traffic spaces that require highly durable finishes.

Starting at $475.85

Metallon 500 System

This system allows you to incorporate multiple metallic pigments into the same floor leaving you with endless creative possibilities.

Starting at $

Floor Coatings / Primers


Water based epoxy.

Starting at $124.95


Water based epoxy.
Requires top coat

Starting at $52.95

Floor Coatings / Binders-Fillers


Self leveling 100% epoxy coating.

Starting at $224.95

Floor Coatings / Top Coats


Low viscosity high build epoxy.

Starting at $152.95


Water based, polyurethane coating.

Starting at $123.95


One component moisture cured polyurethane coating/sealer.

Starting at $160.95


Water based urethane top coat.

Starting at $144.95


Two component, solvent based polyurethane top coat.

Starting at $104.95


UDecor Metallic

Metallic additive.

Starting at $30.00

UDecor Tint

Decorative concrete stain.

Starting at $15.00

UFlek Flakes

Decorative flakes

Starting at $25.00

URock Aggregate

Decorative quartz-coated crystal aggregate.

Starting at $17.95



Degreasing agent.

Starting at $5.95


pH neutral foaming cleaner.

Starting at $10.95


Extreme duty degreaser.

Starting at $5.95

Floor Restoration


Floor crack filling compound.

Starting at $6.95


Floor patching compound.

Starting at $44.95


Resurface rough or uneven concrete.

Starting at $74.95

Concrete Sealers


Deep penetrating concrete sealer.

Starting at $35.95



pH balanced, all-purpose cleaner.

Starting at $4.95

Enliven Floor Finish

25% solids sealer and finish.

Starting at $34.95

Enliven Floor Cleaner

pH neutral detergent.

Starting at $14.95

Enliven Finish Remover

No rinse finish remover.

Starting at $13.95