Let Your Showroom Set The Tone For Your Shop. A Stunning Floor Can Be The Start!

Just imagine, in just a weekends time you can transform your space into a truly stunning showroom with one of our high-gloss, epoxy floor coatings. No matter what your tastes, from exotic finishes like a metallic epoxy, to a more traditional solid bright white, we’ve got what it takes to make your showroom really pop! Unlike tile that is commonly used in automotive showrooms, our products provide a seamless design allowing for easier clean-up. Warrantied against peeling, blistering, and hot tire pickup, you can apply our floors with confidence knowing that they have been used with great success across the automotive industry for decades!

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Inexpensive Flooring Options

For as low as 25¢ a square foot our UDecor Stains can provide a very inexpensive flooring option.  Not only does it provide a quick turnaround but provides a colorful finish.

Make A Statment In Your Lobby

UCoat It offers several types of floor coating systems so you can make a statement! From checker board finishes, metallic floor coatings to stains and more

Recommended Floor Coating Systems:

Metallon 500 System

Metallon 500

The ultimate metallic floor coating is our Metallon 500.  This system provides exceptional depth for the metallic pigment to provide greater contrast and a richer look

UCoat Light Gray with UFlek-AF Deco

UCoat with UFlek-AF

UCoat with UFlek is a decorative floor coating system that is completely water based meaning odor free and nonflammable.  This abrasion resistant system is great for interior areas creating a bright, light reflecting finish that will improve any area

UClad-LV Tile Image 400x250


A valuable low viscosity high build epoxy option for areas requiring a extremely durable and chemical resistant finish.  Requires little downtime and is ready for traffic in as little as 12 hours.  This high gloss finish system is a two coat application