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Choose The UCoat It System For Your Area

UCoat It floor coating systems are true commercial grade finishes designed to offer durable, chemical resistant protection for any concrete or wood substrate. Unlike hardware store epoxy coatings and floor paints, UCoat It is designed to beautify and protect. Other products quickly fail and need constant repair or recoating, consuming more of your time and money. UCoat It floor coatings come with a lifetime warranty against peeling, blistering and “hot tire” pick up!

UCoat It is industry proven with many thousands industrial and residential applications. We pride ourselves on being the floor coating of choice for some of the most respected automotive authorities in the industry.

Epoxy Floor Coating Systems


UCoat is a water based system that works as a standalone finish or as a base to any of our other systems.  This satin/semi-gloss finish provides the necessary durable and chemical resistant attributes, but can be strengthened with a top coat.

Basement Application of UCoat Epoxy Floor Coating
UCoat Light Gray Commercial Shop Epoxy

UCoat with UGloss-AF

UCoat with UGloss-AF is a vibrant, full color system designed for use in areas that experience low to medium traffic and require chemical and abrasion resistance.  This high gloss system can help improve light reflectivity and brightening up any area.

UCoat with UGloss

UCoat with UGloss is a completely water based system formulated for non-automotive floors.  This high gloss system, available in clear only, includes an acrylic urethane top coat that exhibits abrasion resistance without the solvent odors associated with typical urethanes.

UCoat with UFlek-AF

UCoat with UFlek-AF is as strong as it is decorative.  This system, is comprised of three coats, working as a team to prevent premature wear and tear while adding color and character to your floor.  Adding our UFlek decorative flakes to your floor helps camouflage  dirt, surface marks and imperfections in the substrate.

UCoat with UFlek

UCoat with UFlek is a decorative floor coating system that is completely water based meaning odor free and nonflammable.  This abrasion resistant system is great for interior areas creating a bright, light reflecting finish that will improve any area.


Ultralife is a decorative floor coating system with exceptional hiding characteristics.  This multi-layered epoxy features a full broadcast of UFlek flakes and multiple coats of UGloss-AF for superior chemical and abrasion resistance.


A valuable low viscosity high build epoxy option for areas requiring a extremely durable and chemical resistant finish.  Requires little downtime and is ready for traffic in as little as 12 hours.  This high gloss finish system is a two coat application.

Car Dealership Floor Coating in Gaithersburg Maryland


A multi coat high build epoxy system for high traffic areas that requires excellent abrasion resistance.  Finitezza provides the ability to fill imperfections in the surface while providing a high gloss finish.


As a stand alone floor coating option, UGlaze instantly makes any surface stronger with just one quick and easy application.  This versatile non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane coating can weather the outdoor elements while protecting epoxies, brick pavers, wood decks and more.

Kitchen in UGlaze Waterbased Urethane

Metallon Floor Coating Systems

Metallon 50 system

Metallon 50

Metallon 50 is a fully water based three step metallic floor coating application is ideal for indoor spaces where a low odor, non flammable  coating is desired.

Metallon 100

Metallon 100 is a three coat metallic epoxy installation that employs the use of two coats of our UCoat water based epoxy and then top coated with our UGlaze-SB moisture urethane with our Decor Metallic additive mixed in.

Metallon 500 - Medium Gray base with Graphite and Silver Metallic

Metallon 500

The ultimate metallic floor coating is our Metallon 500.  A three coat system that employs one coat of our UCoat as a primer, the use of our UClad high build epoxy as a binder.  This will provide exceptional depth for the metallic pigment to provide greater contrast and a richer look. Then top coated with one of one top coats.