Water Based Epoxy Floor Coating



The UCoat system is a two coat, water based epoxy floor coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival any solvent based product. Being industrial quality, UCoat is chemical resistant against oil, gas and brake fluid while offering excellent abrasion resistance. Since UCoat is water based, it has very little odor, is non-flammable and is easy to clean making it a go-to product for virtually any concrete or wood substrate.


UCoat is easy to install. The first coat is applied to a cleaned and prepared substrate when the substrate is wet-damp with no standing puddles. This will allow for maximum penetration into the substrate to achieve permanent adhesion. Then, in as little as 4 to 6 hours later, apply the second coat and your UCoat system is complete.





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Step 1:  Prepare a bare cement surfaces for a UCoat It floor coating system with UPrep-CLC. Dilute 7:1 with water and apply to a wet surface. Agitate with a stiff-bristled brush and rinse clean.



Step 2:  UCoat epoxy is applied in two coats: the bond coat and the finish coat. The bond coat is applied directly to a dampened, prepared surface, allowing UCoat to flow and penetrate the porous concrete or wood floor and permanently bond to the substrate.



Step 3:  If an anti-slip surface is desired, UTex anti-slip aggregate is broadcast by hand on top of the bond coat while it is still tacky. The UCoat finish coat is applied after the bond coat is dry to the touch (4-6 hrs @ 68°F/20°C), but within 48 hours.