Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage

Los Angeles, CA

Jay Leno Garage Los Angeles California



Jay Leno’s “Big Dog” Garage is a 14,000 square foot facility that is used for automobile service and restoration of both classic cars and modern collector cars. The garage includes car lifts, tool chests, engine stands, welding equipment, heavy-duty fabrication equipment and more.


Project Background


Given the high profile of the location and the number of automobiles in the collection, the building is constantly exposed to high vehicle and foot traffic. The garage needed an epoxy floor coating suitable for automotive service, as well as projecting a level of professionalism.


The main challenge was coating over a previously failing epoxy floor coating system. The coating was thoroughly cleaned and UPatch was used to cover up divots and cracks to ensure a smooth surface for application.


The garage is divided into two areas, the perimeter and the general working area which had been painted in red while the main traffic-ways were a lighter color. Jay wanted to keep the same layout, so the areas were stripped of the existing coating and recoated with UCoat It. The finished floors had a two-tone color scheme: UCoat Tile Red with UGloss-AF topcoat was used for the general working areas, while the interior traffic areas are finished with a custom mix of UCoat Beige and Antique White. These areas were then trimmed with a UGloss-AF Safety Yellow stripe and the entire area top coated with UGloss-AF clear for uniformity.

For additional facility information, visit: www.jaylenosgarage.com

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