Body Shops

Transform Your Body Shop Into The Ideal Body Shop - Bright, Easy to Clean and Chemical Resistant

Exposed concrete floors in an automotive setting like a body shop will quickly become oil soaked and overtime, the heavy vehicle traffic, metal shavings, welding slag, and corrosive chemicals will take its toll. Premature wear like surface cracks, chipped or spalled areas can be prevented though with one of our protective floor coatings. Built specially for automotive use, our products are designed to withstand these harsh environments including exposure to automotive fluids like oil, gas, brake fluid, and more. See our recommeded systems below.


Industry Tested Durability

With thousands of car dealerships and automotive shops throughout North America. UCoat It floor coating systems are extremely rugged plus provide a high gloss light reflective finish, excellent for paint booth and shop areas.

Limited Downtime - No Problem Time

Some UCoat It floor coating systems are excellent for areas that require a quick turnaround.   Our UClad-LV system can be applied in one day and ready for traffic in as little as eight hours

Recommended Floor Coating Systems:

UCoat with UFlek-AF Floor Coating System

UCoat with UGloss-AF

UCoat with UGloss-AF is a vibrant, full color system designed for use in areas that experience low to medium traffic and require chemical and abrasion resistance.  This high gloss system can help improve light reflectivity and brightening up any area

UCoat Light Gray with UFlek-AF Deco

UCoat with UFlek-AF

UCoat with UFlek is a decorative floor coating system that is completely water based meaning odor free and nonflammable.  This abrasion resistant system is great for interior areas creating a bright, light reflecting finish that will improve any area

UClad-LV Tile Image 400x250


A valuable low viscosity high build epoxy option for areas requiring a extremely durable and chemical resistant finish.  Requires little downtime and is ready for traffic in as little as 12 hours.  This high gloss finish system is a two coat application