Write Up Areas

UCoat It systems provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance

Customer facing areas of your shop or dealership require a unique solution for your floors. Ideally you would have a floor that not only will hold up to all that vehicle traffic, but one that looks good doing it too. No matter what type of design you are trying to achieve we have everything you need to complete your project. We offer classic solid color systems, flake-based systems, optional pinstriping, metallic finishes, etc. All these decorative options can be paired with our automotive, urethane-based top coats giving you added chemical and abrasion resistance!

Safety For Employees and Customers

Our commercial-grade systems come with a non-slip additive to allow a safe surface when wet from rain water or melting snow.

Limited Downtime For Installation

Some of our floor coating systems offer quick turnaround limiting the downtime to as little as 24 hours. Allowing for shop areas open six days a week the opportunity to have a professional looking floor.

Automotive Write-Up Area Sample 01

Recommended Floor Coating Systems:

UCoat with UFlek-AF Floor Coating System

UCoat with UGloss-AF

UCoat with UGloss-AF is a vibrant, full color system designed for use in areas that experience low to medium traffic and require chemical and abrasion resistance.  This high gloss system can help improve light reflectivity and brightening up any area

UCoat Light Gray with UFlek-AF Deco

UCoat with UFlek-AF

UCoat with UFlek is a decorative floor coating system that is completely water based meaning odor free and nonflammable.  This abrasion resistant system is great for interior areas creating a bright, light reflecting finish that will improve any area

UltraLife System


Ultralife is a decorative floor coating system with exceptional hiding characteristics.  This multi-layered epoxy features a full broadcast of UFlek flakes and multiple coats of UGloss-AF for superior chemical and abrasion resistance