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Company Background

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is the country’s premier provider of technician training for students seeking a rewarding career in the automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, and marine industries. UTI provides intensive, hands-on training in both automotive and diesel technology for tomorrow’s technicians. In addition to teaching the intricacies of complex automotive systems, UTI places great importance on instilling a sense of professionalism in every student.


Project Background

UTI needed a floor coating for educational facilities that had the ability to be used in a variety of applications. “UTI prides itself on providing hands-on training, so the shop areas are real work environments. Cleaners, hydraulic fluids and solvents get spilled, as you would expect. We wanted a floor coating that could stand up to this punishment and still look great.” said Roy Benner, Facilities Manager. The floor coating would be used in automotive service areas, washrooms, classrooms, and storage rooms.


Project Background

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The main objective for UTI was adding protection against chemicals, oils, and other fluids that may get spilled and potentially stain and ruin their flooring. The properties in our floor coatings provide excellent barriers to these fluids and provide a easy to clean surface when fluids do get spilled. Along with providing these specific needs, UTI wanted to have a quick installation process and fast turnaround time.



Most UTI facilities coated their facilities in UCoat Light Gray or Medium Gray with UFlek-AF topcoat using our UFlek Pacific flakes or a custom mix of Granite flakes blended with solid blue and red flake to compliment the UTI school colors. UGloss-AF Safety Yellow striping is also typical. In some areas, such as the break room floor coating at the Marine Mechanics Institute in Orlando, the floors are finished using UCoat It UltraLife with Dove flake. Another UCoat UltraLife finish (Venetian) can be found at UTI’s Exton, Massachusetts campus. UCoat It is well-suited for a variety of service types which makes it an effective choice for UTI when preparing to install flooring in any new or improved facility.

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