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Company Background


PPC Racing was a NASCAR racing team based in Mooresville, North Carolina. The team was owned by Greg Pollex. PPC Racing came about from a merger of Pollex’s Busch Series team with a car owned by Steve DeSouza and Ted Campbell in 1999. The team shut down in 2007 due to a lack of funding. During their existence, the team boasted 33 event wins and one championship (2000 Busch Series).


Project Background


PPC’s race shop had a coating that was peeling, flaking, and was not durable nor chemical resistant. As a result, PPC Racing decided to invest in a new commercial grade epoxy floor.


Products Used

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The main objective PPC Racing had for their facility was to find a system that would be water, abrasion, and chemical resistant, highly durable, and protect their substrate from stains and spills. They also wanted a floor coating that would look professional and be easy to clean if spillage did occur.




UCoat Medium Gray with UGloss-AF topcoat was applied throughout the PPC Racing facility. They chose UCoat It for their new coating because of it being industry proven and well known throughout the racing community. This system provided PPC Racing with a floor coating that would be durable, professional, and maintain cleanliness for years to come.


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