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Company Background


Pedregon Racing is the home of NHRA team owners and brothers Tony Pedregon and Cruz Pedregon. Sharing over 70 national event wins and 3 NHRA Championships between them, the Pedregons have established themselves among the elite in a very select group of NHRA Funny Car team owners and drivers.


Project Background


Upon moving operations to an upgraded facility in late 2009, the bare concrete work floors needed a new look. Pedregon Racing wanted a floor coating for their service areas that would protect and add to the appearance of the floors.


Products Used

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The team of Pedregon Racing needed a durable, abrasion-resistance surface to protect the concrete from oils, solvents, acids and other chemicals. The challenge was to find a floor coating system that was truly commercial-grade and could withstand the extremely harsh conditions of a NHRA team garage.




Pedregon Racing coated their facility with UCoat Medium Gray with UGloss-AF topcoat. UCoat It was chosen due to its history and well known reputation among NHRA team owners for durability and performance, including rivals Don Schumacher Racing, located not far from the Pedregon race shop. The UGloss-AF system is also specifically designed to be used in automotive and industrial areas.


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