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Company Background


Johnson Enterprises is the home of one of the premier duos in all of racing: 36-time National Event winner Kurt Johnson and the man simply known as “The Professor”, Pro Stock legend Warren Johnson. Based in Sugar Hill, Georgia, the shop is exposed to all the rigors of a full-time NHRA circuit with two full time, highly successful touring teams.


Project Background


Johnson Enterprises was looking for an epoxy floor coating for their race shop that could withstand exposure to hot tires, racing fuel, and tools. They also wanted to use a self-leveling epoxy to create a more level surface and to help fill in minor imperfections.


Products Used:

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The one of the main challenges that Johnson enterprises faced was the removal of their old, failing coating. They also wanted to find a coating that would allow for quick and easy installation and a fast turnaround to minimalize downtime at the shop.




Ultimately, UClad was used in certain low areas of the shop in effort to create a more uniform finish. UCoat Medium Gray with UGloss-AF was used as a topcoat. The UGloss-AF is intended for use in automotive and industrial areas, making this the perfect solution to their problem. The finish floors are now chemical, water, and abrasion resistant, highly durable, and beautiful to look at.


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