UGloss AF Product

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UGloss-AF® is a two component, solvent based polyurethane top coat specifically formulated for light to medium traffic applications.  Adding the UGloss-AF® top coat will provide additional chemical and abrasion resistance while also increasing light reflection

UGloss-AF® Clear can be used whenever a “transparent” top coat is needed to seal and allow floor graphics, safety stripping or decorative aggregates to show through to the surface.

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  • 1.5 Gallon Kit
  • 1.5 Gallon Double Pack
  • 0.75 Gallon Single Pack
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UGloss-AF Beige Color Tile   UGloss-AF Black Color Tile   UGloss-AF Explorer Blue Color Tile   UGloss-AF Green Color Tile   UGloss-AF Latte Color Tile   UGloss-AF Light Gray Color Tile   UGloss-AF Medium Blue Color Tile   UGloss-AF Medium Gray Color Tile   UGloss-AF Midnight Blue Color Tile   UGloss-AF Safety Red Color Tile   UGloss-AF Safety Yellow Color Tile   UGloss-AF Tile Red Color Tile   UGloss-AF White Color Tile