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Company Background


Don Schumacher Racing is one of the National Hot Rod Association’s (NHRA) premier racing teams boasting several championships and fielding drivers in all professional divisions. The DSR facility is considered to be one of the finest professional racing facilities in the country.


Project Background


DSR’s brand new 200,000 square foot facility which includes parts, storage, assembly, and fabrication areas all needed a coating. DSR knew they needed a highly durable floor coating to protect their facility that would not be affected by extremely high traffic, frequent exposure to welding and automotive fluids.



Products Used

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Metal shards coming in contact with the floor, tools being dropped, and other various hazards were all challenges that DSR faced when choosing a floor coating system. DSR ultimately wanted a system that could withstand this kind of environment while also projecting a level of professionalism.




The chosen floor coating system was UClad-LV Medium Gray. This system in particular is created for heavy automotive and industrial work. The unique properties provided in this system allow for a durable high build finish that is fully cured in just 12 hours.


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