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Company Background

Boundary County Middle School is a part of the Boundary County School District located in Bonners Ferry, ID. This school district houses three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The mission of the Boundary County School District #101 is to provide every student, K-12, an academically challenging, relevant, well-rounded education that best prepares students for continuing education and workforce preparation and allows them to become accountable, respectful, successful citizens.


Project Background

Boundary County Middle School wanted to renovate their hallway flooring which totaled 6,320 square feet. The floor coating system needed to go overtop VCT asbestos tiles and since the tiles were still in good shape they did not need to be removed. The middle school wanted a floor that was easy to maintain because the tile had been very hard to clean. They also wanted the new flooring system to be put in inexpensively.


Products Used

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There were two challenges the middle school had when applying the floor coating system. First, the middle school needed a system that would provide a quick turnaround time because of school starting soon, sports teams using the facilities, and teachers coming to prepare their classrooms. This system in particular is great for quick projects because it requires only 12 hours of dry time. Secondly, the floor coating went over top hallway floors that were tiled with VCT asbestos. This is a type of tile that can be harmful and Boundary County Middle chose our UClad-LV system specifically because they wanted to encapsulate the tile but at an inexpensive price. The floor coating also provided an easy to maintain and clean surface with exceptional durability for the amount of traffic it would receive every day.




The Boundary County Middle School decided on coating their 6,320 SF in UClad-LV Light Gray with UFlek Pacific Flakes and a UGlaze-SB Topcoat. The end product turned out fantastic, leaving the school hallways in beautiful condition and they were able to finish it in a quick 2-day weekend which meant the students and faculty would be able to utilize the school during the summer. The floors are now easy to clean, have great resistance to abrasions & stains and are very durable. 

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