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The Wyndgate is a beautiful, prestigious country club tucked away in Oakland Township Michigan. Featuring 18 holes of championship golf and 60,000 square feet of space for its members and guests. The Wyndgate provides high quality amenities amid a gorgeous clubhouse and golf course setting, truly making it one of the best private golf clubs in Southeastern Michigan.

Project Background
In 2012, The Wyndgate underwent massive renovations including flooring upgrades to add an additional level of protection and durability while also improving the look and feel of their facility. These improvements included updates to the maintenance shed, cart barn, storage areas, and patios. When it came to these particular areas, The Wyndgate ran into a unique flooring challenge.
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Overdue for a flooring update in both the cart barn and maintenance shed, the staff at The Wyndgate needed a durable surface that would also improve the overall visual appeal of their facility. The challenge was to find a floor coating system that fulfilled the specific durability and chemical-resistance needs while also being quick and easy to install. A coating was needed that could withstand heavy and frequent vehicle traffic, gas and oil spills, as well as pesticides and fertilizers.


During this flooring update, The Wyndgate decided that they wanted to also renovate their storage areas and patios as a preventative measure in addition to improving the visual appeal of those areas. In this case, two different floor coatings were needed. The outdoor patios needed a coating that would protect against the harsh weather conditions while not yellowing overtime, and the storage areas needed a coating that could withstand heavy foot traffic as well as surface abrasions from moving equipment.



The Wyndgate staff ultimately chose the UCoat with UFlek-AF system for their cart barn, maintenance shed and storage areas. This system was able to meet all of the needs of their facility while being easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, non-slip additives were used to ensure an anti-slip surface even during the wet and soggy spring months. The use of UFlek flakes helped to hide surface imperfections while also adding a decorative flair, which is why this particular system was recommended for these areas.


For the outdoor patios, The Wyndgate found their solution in UGlaze. This system is designed for top protection with strong UV-resistance and non-yellowing characteristics. UGlaze was simply applied over The Wyndgate’s existing brick pavers, which helped to add a new level of shine along with providing excellent resistance to abrasions, helping to prolong the life of the brick. The end result for all areas of The Wyndgate’s facility was long-lasting, beautiful, and protective floors.


For additional facility information, visit: www.thewyndgate.com

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