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Glenwild Golf Club & Spa, located just minutes from the beautiful downtown area of Park City Utah, is home to one of the area’s most prestigious and private golf clubs. Providing its members with full access to the area’s best ski resorts, golf courses, dining options, and cultural offerings, Glenwild offers a variety of activities specifically tailored to suit any age, mood, and lifestyle.


Project Background

In the beginning months of 2016, Glenwild underwent a flooring renovation in their maintenance shop, which exclusively included updates to their previously uncoated concrete. The decision was made to apply a commercial-grade floor coating system to help protect their concrete floors which were beginning to show signs of wear. When it came to time to choose a floor coating system, Glenwild ran into an interesting challenge.


Products Used 

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The staff of Glenwild needed a high-strength, durable surface to protect the concrete from future damage and decay, while also helping to hide the damage already sustained. In addition to being highly durable, the coating would need to stand up to metal shavings being scratched across the floor, hot metal sparks impacting the coating, impacts from dropped tools and numerous other hazards in addition to being exposed to common automotive chemicals and spills. The challenge was to find a floor coating system that fulfilled their specific needs while having a quick turnaround time, being easy to install, and providing a brighter and more professional environment.



The maintenance staff at Glenwild chose to use UCoat It’s UClad-LV system; being a high-build epoxy system, UClad-LV is specially designed to withstand the heaviest of vehicle and foot traffic, frequent surface abrasions, as well as the harshest of chemical spills. This system’s self-leveling properties along with its high-build nature, allowed UClad-LV to assist in hiding some of the minor imperfections in Glenwild’s concrete floors, and application was made easy through the use of a roller and squeegee. Just twelve hours after application, Glenwild’s light grey, high-gloss floor was completely cured and ready for full use.


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