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Company Background

Incorporated in 1957, Jo-Ad Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of injection molded thermo-plastic parts for many different customers including several multinational tier one and tier two automotive suppliers. They also supply molded plastics, tooling & CAD support to clients in the automotive, appliance, industrial, electronics, and medical industries out of their facility in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Project Background

In 2016 a decision was made to start the process of refinishing the floors in sections throughout their manufacturing facility. The floors had been coated previously with another flooring product but, after a long period of use, it had worn down, exposing the underlying concrete slab. As the company often hosts customers at the facility, it became necessary to refinish the floors and provide the facility a more professional look & feel.

Products Used

UCoat product iconUClad product iconUClad-LV product iconSand product iconUClad-LV product iconUGloss-AF product icon

Strategies/ Challenges

In their search for a new flooring solution, there were two main focuses, finding a system that could provide a high-build finish and one that could deliver an extreme level of durability. It was important to them that they chose a high-build product that could help smooth out any uneven areas and provide a uniform finish. With the heavy amount of use the facility gets and exposure to abrasive elements like forklifts, pallet jacks, and raw steel being moved across the surface, they also needed a highly abrasion resistant coating that would hold up well overtime.

Results/ Solutions

Jo-Ad Industries chose UCoat It to renovate their floors because of the ability to custom build a flooring system perfect for their specific needs, and because of UCoat It’s stellar industry reputation. This system combined, in part, the use of UClad and UClad-LV, two high-build epoxy products which were used to level out the floor and hide any underlying surface imperfections. These products provide a high solids content and when combined with a heavy aggregate broadcast, they were able to achieve an extremely durable and abrasion resistant finish.
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