Why Floor Prep Is Important

Why Floor Prep Is Important

Why Floor Prep Is Important

Generally, most garages, basements, and outdoor patios are left bare and unprotected from harsh chemicals, weather, and foot and vehicle traffic, which over time leaves these types of substrates brittle, stained, and hard to keep clean. The solution to this problem is applying an easy, DIY UCoat It floor coating system. Whether water-based or 100% solids floor coatings, one must remember to properly prepare the substrate before coating.

The importance of having a clean, well prepared surface before applying a floor coating system is crucial. If a substrate is left unprepared, hot tire pick-up and peeling can become a common problem. Also, if oil and grease stains are not removed from the substrate properly, the coating will not be able to penetrate the pores of the substrate in those areas. Floor preparation is vital to a floor coating project and without this step, floor coatings cannot bond with the substrate, leaving the coating in a dry layer over top the floor.

When preparing to coat a substrate, we suggest these steps:
Preparing Substrate Step 1 Image

1. Clean the area receiving the floor coating by sweeping or leaf blowing the area and removing everything off the substrate.

Preparing Substrate Step 2 Image

2. Take a degreaser to all oil spots that are on your floor.
(To make sure these stains are completely off the area, try a water test)

Preparing Substrate Step 3 Image

3. Apply two coats of an acid wash to the area to create a clean and ready to coat floor.

4. While still wet/damp, start applying your UCoat It base coat.

Following the above steps is the key to lengthening the lifespan on your floor coating system and leaving it beautiful and protected!

We hope by sharing our knowledge we can save someone from a poor decision, or a poor floor from being mistreated. And, as always, you can call us with any questions or concerns.