Low Viscosity High Build Epoxy Floor Coating System

No offensive odors,

The UClad-LV system is a two coat system featuring one of our water based epoxy primers and UClad-LV high build epoxy coating. The UClad-LV system is a 100% solids coating providing a high gloss finish and excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This system can be built up (12-16 mils thick when dry) with multiple coats to increase film thickness and to fill voids in substrate. This system when used outdoors should be top coated with one of our top coats as over time it will yellow due to low UV resistance and become brittle like other epoxies.

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• Efficient Application

UCoat is applied directly to a wet-damp substrate to achieve permanent adhesion and reducing downtime

• Easy To Apply

An odor free, nonflammable that includes a friendly working times of near 90 minutes

• Time Efficient

A typical 575 square foot area can be coated in as a little as one day

• Long Term Protection

UClad-LV provides excellent abrasion resistance plus great protection against oil, gas, hydraulic fluid and more

• Quick Installation​

A simple two coat system providing a quick turnaround time, ready for use in as little as 12 hours

• Great For Light To Heavy Duty Use

This 100% solids high build epoxy was developed for high traffic areas like manufacturing

System Facts

Material: Water Based Epoxy with Low Viscosity High Build Epoxy

Number of Coats: 2

Finish: High Gloss

Mil Thickness: 12-16 mils thick (dry)

                  Poor                   Fair                  Good                   Great

Ease of Appliation
Chemical Resistance
Decorative Qualities

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UCoat with UGloss Light Gray
Light Gray
UCoat with UGloss Beige
UGloss-AF Medium Gray
Medium Gray
UCoat with UGloss Medium Blue
Medium Blue
UGloss-AF Tile Red Color Tile
Tile Red
UCoat with UGloss Black

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