USDA Compliant Floor Coating Systems

UCoat It offers a wide variety of USDA compliant floor coating systems.  From attractive, durable and sanitary, we have the perfect solutions for commercial kitchen, food processing areas and restaurant flooring.  With UCoat It you can say goody by to hard to clean grout lines that harbor bacteria and dirt with a seamless high quality floor coating system.  Our food service coating systems comply with all food safety standards including USDA and can complement your food service or kitchen décor.  

Here are just a few areas a UCoat It floor coating systems is excellent for:

  • Bar Areas
  • Dining Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Freezer/Refrigeration
  • Food Processing

USDA Compliant Floor Coatings:

UCoat with UFlek-AF Floor Coating System

UCoat with UGloss-AF

UCoat with UGloss-AF is a vibrant, full color system designed for use in areas that experience low to medium traffic and require chemical and abrasion resistance.  This high gloss system can help improve light reflectivity and brightening up any area

Kitchen Photo


The Finitezza system is a multi coat high build epoxy system for high traffic areas that requires excellent abrasion resistance.  Finitezza provides the ability to fill imperfections in the surface while providing a high gloss finish.

Kitchen Area in UGlaze Floor Coating System


UGlaze instantly makes any surface stronger with just one quick and easy application.  This versatile non-yellowing aliphatic polyurethane coating can weather the outdoor elements while protecting epoxies, brick pavers, wood decks and more.

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