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Water Based Antimicrobial Coating System

The UCoat-AM system, is a two coat, water based epoxy floor coating system that exhibits excellent antimicrobial characteristics in addition to the superb durability and chemical resistance provided by our standard UCoat system. UCoat-AM is designed to chemically eliminate microorganisms enabling it to resist the growth and development of bacteria, mold, fungi and microbial odors. Being that UCoat-AM is a water based system, it emits very little odor when compared to other solvent based systems, meaning it is an ideal system for those indoor areas where an antimicrobial floor is needed.

UCoat-AM is very easy to install. The first coat is applied to a cleaned and prepared surface while the substrate is damp, but free of any standing puddles. This will allow for the best adhesion as the water based coating will seep into the substrate as the surface dries. Then in as little as 4 to 6 hours, the second and final coat can be applied and your UCoat-AM system is finished.

Recommended Areas

  • Bathrooms
  • Garages
  • Walkways

System Facts

UCoat Layer Anatomy

System Build

Primer Coat – UCoat -AM

Top Coat – UCoat-AM

Number of Coats: 2

Finish: Satin/Semi-Gloss

Mil Thickness: 4-6 mils thick (dry)

Typical Cost per Sq.Ft.: TBA

• Efficient Application

UCoat is applied directly to a wet-damp substrate to achieve permanent adhesion and reducing downtime

• Easy To Apply

An odor free, nonflammable that includes a friendly working times of near 90 minutes

• Time Efficient

A typical 575 square foot area can be coated in as a little as one day


UCoat Light Gray
Light Gray
UCoat Medium Gray
Medium Gray
UCoat Dark Gray
Dark Gray
UCoat Beige
UCoat Medium Blue
Medium Blue
UCoat Tile Red
Tile Red
UCoat Black
UCoat Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
UCoat White
Antique White
UCoat Explorer Blue
Explorer Blue
UCoat Latte
UCoat Green
UCoat Safety Red
Safety Red
UCoat Safety Yellow
Safety Yellow

Fact and SDS Sheets

System Spec Sheet

Application Instructions

System Brochure

Color Selection Sheet