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UCoat System

UCoat is easy to install. The first coat is applied to a cleaned and prepared substrate when the substrate is

UCoat w/ UFlek-AF System

UCoat with UFlek-AF is as strong as it is decorative. This system, comprised of three coats, works as a team

UCoat w/ UGloss-AF System

Features of this system include flexibility of 1/8” mandrel, chemical and abrasion resistance and a high gloss finish making it

UCoat w/ UFlek System

This system is ideal for areas like offices, locker rooms and basements as it is odor free, non-flammable and dries

UGlaze System

UGlaze provides an outstanding hard, high gloss finish while retaining color retention, even under ultraviolet exposure. Besides providing a hard

UClad-LV System

This system can be built up (12-16 mils thick when dry) with multiple coats to increase film thickness and

Metallon 100 System

This application is a great way to incorporate our highly decorative, mesmerizing metallic pigments into high traffic spaces that require

UCoat w/ UGloss System

The UCoat with UGloss system is ideal system for areas with low ventilation as the system has little to no

UltraLife System

This system creates a simulated terrazzo finish that will hide most substrate imperfections and provides great chemical and abrasion resistance.

Metallon 50 System

This metallic epoxy system provides a beautiful pearlescent, high-gloss, modern looking finish to just about any surface. UGloss water-based


The Finitezza system is a high build multi coat floor coating composed of a bond coat of UCoat, UClad intermediate