UFlek Flakes Coverage and Size Chart

Our UFlek flakes allow for beautiful customization with your floor coating system.  UFlek flakes are random in shape to provide optimal aesthetics and are suitable for many top coats including epoxies, polyaspartics, polyurethanes, water base and solvent based urethanes.

Flake Size Reference Chart

standard flake


1-2 flake


1-4 flake


1-16 flake


Estimated Flake Coverage Rates

Light Application

Medium Application

Ultralife Application

Standard Size

Ultralife Coverage: 9-12   Sq.Ft. / LB

Medium Coverage: 25-75 Sq.Ft. / LB

Light Coverage: 80-280 Sq. Ft. / LB

1/2″ Size

Ultralife Coverage: 7-9    Sq.Ft. / LB

Medium Coverage: 18-45   Sq.Ft. /LB

Light Coverage: 50-240 Sq.Ft. / LB

1/4″ Size

Ultralife Coverage: 5-7   Sq.Ft. / LB

Medium Coverage: 12-30 Sq.Ft. /LB

Light Coverage: 40-200 Sq.Ft. / LB

1/16″ Size

Ultralife Coverage: 3-5   Sq.Ft. / LB

Medium Coverage: 7-12 Sq.Ft. /LB

Light Coverage: 15-180 Sq.Ft. / LB

Coverage rates vary depending on customer preference and application techniques.