UDecor Metallic Additive

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UDecor Metallic

UDecor Metallic Additive
UDecor Metallic Additive Product Image
UDecor Metallic Additive

Our UDecor Metallic Additive will add a completely different dimension to any area looking for a unique finish.  Our metallic additives are available in 4oz and 8oz units and can be mixed in to UGlaze-SB, UGloss and UClad Clear to provide a range of varying depths.  More than one color can also be combined to create a more unique look.

Given that there are a few different ways to apply a metallic floor you will want to contact one of our coating specialists to ensure that you achieve the look you desire.

Package Size / Square Footage

  • UDecor Metallic Additive 8 8 Oz
  • UDecor Metallic Additive 4 4 Oz

Available Colors

UDecor Metallic Alpine White Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Blue Pearl Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Candy Apple Red Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Cooper Canyon Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Coronado Gold Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Emerald Green Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Golden Haze Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Graphite Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Poppy Red Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Purple Haze Color Tile   UDecor Metallic Silver Color Tile   Sunset Orange Metallic Color Sample Image   UDecor Metallic Twilight Color Tile