Food Industry

UCoat It systems provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance

In today’s food industry, floor coatings are of paramount concern because flooring impacts an entire facility. UCoat It floor coating systems are of the highest standards and help to comply with industry guidelines for good hygiene practice and efficient production. UCoat It is durable and thick enough to create a protective barrier that prevents contaminants from permeating concrete and wood substrates. Food industry floors are typically exposed to contaminants that can cause serious damage to concrete because of their corrosive nature. Additionally, these types of impurities can infiltrate uncoated concrete and wood substrates, resulting in the growth of bacteria and subsequently degrade processed food’s purity. Our floor coatings offer a seamless, impermeable barrier that can be easily cleaned and ensure a hygienic surface.

Some of the many benefits of a UCoat It floor coating system:

  • Systems are available in several colors to fit the décor of your dealership
  • Various systems are highly chemical against oil, gas, break fluid and other chemicals found in the services area
  • The biggest benefit we offer is that all our systems have a lifetime warranty

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