Enliven Neutral Floor Cleaner

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This pH neutral, totally synthetic detergent was specifically formulated to be used as a general daily cleaner on today’s super high gloss floor finishes. Enliven Neutral Floor Cleaner requires no rinsing and has a fresh fragrance that will linger long after the job is done. Emulsifies soils, dirt, salt, etc. and leaves no film or residue. An excellent all purpose product for all washable surfaces.

Where to use:

  • Floor Coatings
  • Resilient Tile
  • Concrete


Dilute Enliven Neutral Floor Cleaner with water in a mop bucket or auto scrubber. Mop floor area changing mopping solution frequently when cleaning large areas. Once washed with Enliven Neutral Floor Cleaner rinse floor with clean water.

Solution Ratio

  • Regular Cleaning: 64:1 with water (2oz to Gallon)
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: 32:1 with water (4oz to Gallon)