Museum Epoxy Floor Coatings

Create An Impact With Your Customers! A Beautiful Floor Will Be A Winner

With constant foot traffic around your museum every day, your floors are prone to wear and may fade over time. UCoat It is the perfect solution to any area and will increase the lifespan of your substrate. All of our systems come in a variety of colors, allowing for customization.  

Create a state of the art facility

Our various commercial grade floor coating systems provide an easily customizable, durable and easy to maintain surface.  Some other benefits include low odor and low voc systems that allow for minimal interruption and disturbance of optional areas during application.

We thrive in demanding enviroments

We offer many floor coating systems that can provide countless styles, textures and colors to provide your museum with a consistent feel throughout your facility.

AACA Museum

Recommended Floor Coating Systems:

UCoatwUGloss 800x600

UCoat with UGloss

UCoat with UGloss is a completely water based system formulated for non-automotive floors.  This high gloss system, available in clear only, includes an acrylic urethane top coat that exhibits abrasion resistance without the solvent odors associated with typical urethanes

Ice Cream Shop in UCoat with UFlek-AF Finish

UCoat with UFlek

UCoat with UFlek is a decorative floor coating system that is completely water based meaning odor free and nonflammable.  This abrasion resistant system is great for interior areas creating a bright, light reflecting finish that will improve any area

Metallon 500 System

Metallon 500

The ultimate metallic floor coating is our Metallon 500.  A three coat system that employs one coat of our UCoat as a primer, the use of our UClad high build epoxy as a binder.  This will provide exceptional depth for the metallic pigment to provide greater contrast and a richer look. Then top coated with one of one top coats