Hair Salons and Barber Shops

Create an easy to maintain floor for your hair salon or barber shop

Change the look of your hair salon or barber shop with a modern, seamless floor coating.  UCoat offers a wide variety of floor coating systems that can change the look and feel of your salon or barber shop.  With UCoat It hair dyes and shampoo wipe right up, plus our systems are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Safe and Sanitary

UCoat It floors provide a seamless finish eliminating cracks and cervices and creating a easy to sweep floor

Recommended Areas

  • Lobbies/Waiting Area
  • Work Areas and wash sinks
  • Restrooms
  • Storage Rooms
Barber Shop Metallic Floor

Recommended Floor Coating Systems:

UCoat Light Gray with UFlek-AF Deco

UCoat with UFlek-AF

UCoat with UFlek-AF is as strong as it is decorative.  This system, is comprised of three coats, working as a team to prevent premature wear and tear while adding color and character to your floor.  Adding our UFlek decorative flakes to your floor helps camouflage  dirt, surface marks and imperfections in the substrate

Office Area Floor Coating in MIchigan

Metallon 500

The ultimate metallic floor coating is our Metallon 500.  A three coat system that employs one coat of our UCoat as a primer, the use of our UClad high build epoxy as a binder.  This will provide exceptional depth for the metallic pigment to provide greater contrast and a richer look. Then top coated with one of one top coats

Metallon100 800x600

Metallon 100

Metallon 100 is a three coat metallic epoxy installation that employs the use of two coats of our UCoat water based epoxy and then top coated with our UGlaze-SB moisture urethane with our Decor Metallic additive mixed in