Benefits/Life Balance

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Benefits/Life Balance

In todays workplace an important factor in your consideration of employment with any company must be your total compensation.  Salary is only one part of a well-developed compensation program.  As an employee of UCoat It, you receive more than just a paycheck.  Your compensation includes many great benefit programs.


Paid Time Off

New hires will enjoy vacation, paid holidays and personal time off.

Health Care Benefits

As a new hire, UCoat It is one of few companies that offer employer paid medical premiums for their employees.  We are also proud to offer vision and dental insurance to our employees at lower premiums with lower deductibles than many employers.

Tuition Reimbursement

To encourage personal development UCoat It offers a very generous Tuition Reimbursement plan that allows employees to seek continuing education courses or programs that are related to their current or potential growth within the company.

Life Balance

Work From Home

If the nature of your work is conducive, your performance is strong, and the arrangement fits within the needs of the business and organization, employees may be eligible to work from home a designated % of time each week.

Flexible Scheduling

UCoat It provides an employee alternate methods of organizing work time across the week to meet both business and personal needs.  Flex scheduling provides an option to vary the number of hours in the workday to improve productivity.