Why Should U Coat Ur Floor?

Installation of UCoat It Floor Coating

Most people do not realize that a neglected, uncoated floor can be perceived as unattractive and can be a challenge to keep clean. Listed below are a few of the biggest obstacles people have:

• Chemicals, oils, and solvents can easily soak into unprotected substrate leaving it stained and unattractive
• For those who endure all four seasons, road salt residue weakens and deteriorates concrete leaving spalled, un-even surfaces
• The majority of people find a uncoated floor that is cracked or tarnished unappealing to the eye

Why Should U Choose UCoat It?

The perfect DIY solution to any problem is our unique floor coating systems. Our commercial grade systems create a hard shell-like finish over your substrate, providing a chemical and abrasion resistant barrier. For areas that are already experiencing deterioration, don’t worry it’s not too late to fix your problem!

UCoat It Has U Covered

Check out our photo gallery to see the various systems we have to protect your floors! Click here!