Why Chose Water Based?

Many people assume that water based epoxies are not the right epoxy to choose from, when in fact, that assumption can be very wrong. There are mainly three different kinds of epoxy, water based, 100% solids based, and solvent based. Here are some reasons why a water based epoxy is great for a “do it yourself” project.

1. They Are Easy To Apply

Water based epoxies are thinner than 100% solids based and solvent based, which makes them easier to work with and apply. Using a water based epoxy will make the spreading of the product as easy as painting a wall. The material will just glide onto the floor! With UCoat, it’s as simple as mixing our pre measured epoxy components together, mix it up and roll it onto the floor with ease.

2. They Have A Longer Pot Life

 The pot life for a water based epoxy is longer compared to the other two. Its pot life can last for hours depending on the brand of epoxy, which means you have a larger window to apply your epoxy to make sure your floor turns out perfect. The UCoat system has a pot life of 90 minutes, while 100% solids based epoxies only have a pot life, on average, of 30 minutes at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. They Are Virtually Odorless

No odor means no irritation! You can work comfortably with the product without any harsh fumes. Along with this means that these epoxies are great for not only garages, but also for basements or areas with poor ventilation.

4. They Provide The Protection You Need

They are tough and strong just like solvent based epoxies. Water based systems like UCoat are chemical resistant and heavy traffic resistant. The UCoat system is perfect for this kind of protection. It was made with you in mind and provides you the protection your floor needs while working on your cars.

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