Some Myths About Floor Coatings

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There are many myths associated with floor coatings. Most of them begin as rumors, created by neighbor Joe from down the street. Hasn’t anyone ever told you “don’t believe everything you hear?” We’re going to straighten up some of the untrue statements we hear far too often.

“It’s expensive.”

Sure, it can be, but that all depends on the circumstances. For instance, having a professional company coat your three car garage with their “best stuff” is probably going to cost a pretty penny. That can be avoided though. Our do it yourself kits cut out the labor cost and provides you with everything necessary to install a commercial-grade floor coating at a very affordable price. As low as $0.44 a square foot! Our systems only require a onetime application and are backed with a lifetime warranty, making them well worth the money. Just because a nice floor coating looks expensive, it doesn’t mean it was.

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“Just paint your floor, it’s the same thing.”

This could not be more wrong. A floor epoxy is not paint. Paint may look good on your walls, but do your walls see the same traffic as a floor might? No, they don’t. Don’t waste your time by attempting to use paint as a floor coating. Our systems create a permanent bond with the substrate, which increases the overall strength of your floor and provides a finish that is chemical and abrasion resistant. The finish can withstand much more wear, therefore it will not peel, lift or flake like paint will. Plus our systems were meant for the floor and are going to look a lot better for a much longer time.

Tying into the last myth, don’t assume that whatever product the big home improvement stores have is right for your project. Do your research. Is it safe to use indoors? How durable is it? Does it fit the needs of my project? These are questions you need to ask yourself before starting your floor coating project. The last thing you want to have happen is find out halfway through your project you need more material or one coat isn’t going to be enough. All of a sudden the budget for your project has increased significantly. Our kits come ready for the square footage of an average two car garage, so there is no guessing on the amount you have to purchase. Larger area than that? We have extender packs if needed. The great thing about UCoat It is that you are able to talk to our Sales Representatives who will help guide you in the right direction. From deciding on what system works best for your area all the way through installation, we are here to help you.

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“You have to redo it every few years to keep it looking nice.”

As long as you are properly cleaning and maintaining there should be no reason that you have to recoat your floor. Our coatings last several years with proper management, even in heavy traffic areas like a manufacturing warehouse. Just follow the application guidelines correctly and you’ll be able to admire your floor for as long as you own it.

“Just clear the area and start rolling out the coating.”

No, no, no! Obviously you’ll have to clear the area, but the most important step by far is preparing your floor before putting down the floor coating. We cannot stress enough that you put forth the effort to make sure your substrate is properly cleaned and neutralized. Any waxy or oily spots will not allow the epoxy to bond with the substrate, which down the road could lead could to lifting and peeling.

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