Places You Can Use Floor Coatings – Residential

Places You Can Use Floor Coatings - Residential Sub Title Image
Contrary to what some may believe, there are many places around the home that you can apply a floor coating to protect and beautify your substrate! Floor coatings usually are associated with garages, factories, and warehouses. However, there are many other areas that a floor coating can be useful including basements, patios, pool surrounds, kitchens, and wash rooms. An easy, D-I-Y floor coating can spice up any home decor and add a touch of your own personality all while keeping your floor easy to maintain, clean, and durable. Matching your floors to the color of your decor and adding a bright finish has never been this simple.

Places such as patios or pool surrounds can benefit from a floor coating system with rugged finishes and anti-slip additives. The system we suggest for these areas is our Infinity system which is a full broadcast of URock with a topcoat. Our URock is a decorative quartz-coated crystal aggregate, that supplies a comfortable, durable, and abrasion resistant finish. From classic black to stunning aspen, a blue, sand, and white color mixture, you can find the perfect color choice to match your style.

Areas like basements, kitchens, or wash rooms are a great place for one of our base systems, UCoat or UCoat with UFlek, which is a decorative flake system. We suggest these systems because unlike outside areas, anti-slip additives are not as necessary in indoor areas. Our base system comes in 12 different colors and we have over 60 flake colors to match your personality to your floor.

Most customers tend to apply our products to concrete but our systems can be applied to hardwood, tile, and metal. However, keep in mind our systems require a substrate that our product can soak into and become one with it. Buying a UCoat It floor coating system can lengthen the lifespan of your floors and add a touch of decoration to them at the same time!

We hope by sharing our knowledge we can save someone from a poor decision, or a poor floor from being mistreated. And, as always, you can call us with any questions or concerns.