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Sections Are A Solution

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Looking to coat your space but have too much stuff to move, not enough time to do it all, or a business that can’t close? No worries, sections are your solution. Most of our customers choose to complete their floor coating project all at once, but for others that’s just not an option. Our coatings offer the flexibility to coat your space in sections, allowing for a completed project without the added stress of relocating your contents or closing shop.

Expansion joints and saw cuts make great seams for starting and stopping your coating when completing the area in sections, allowing the material to sink into the gap and have an effortless transition. For those who don’t have expansion joints or saw cuts, a high-quality painters masking tape can do the trick. Simply find the area that you’d like to put your seam, run a tape line down on your floor a pull the tape when the side is complete. When using this method, we do recommend overlapping your coating to create a more seamless finish to your floor.


A few things to keep in mind if you decide to coat your space in sections; some finishes are harder to keep consistent when applying sections at a time like the metallic and certain flake broadcasts and its best to order all the material for your job at once to keep your material batch the same.

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So whether you’re limited on time between all the holiday bustle, trying to figure out where to store your summer toys, or worried about closing during your busy season coating in sections can be your key to creating the atmosphere you desire without the ability to complete your coating project all at once.

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