Coating The Garage: Part 2

Coating The Garage: What You Need To Know

Epoxy Garage Floor in UCoat with UFlek-AF

One of the best ways to hide small imperfections and dirt in a garage is using our UCoat with UFlek-AF system.

The UCoat with UGloss-AF System

When coating the garage, our UCoat with UGloss-AF system begins with our UCoat water based system, and then adds an additional solvent based urethane, high gloss top coat. This floor coating is decently easy to apply and will provide you with great chemical resistance. The work time you will have to apply this coating is around 90 minutes. If you want even more longevity than what UCoat provides, this system will give that to you. By adding that solvent based, high gloss finish urethane, it will increase the surface life by adding about 5-10 more years than UCoat alone! This system also allows you to add your own style preference with our decorative options. With our decorative flake options that can be added to this system (or known as our UCoat with UFlek-AF system), your garage will be sure to stand out. Adding vinyl logos to this system is also another option this floor coating provides. Like UCoat, this system comes in seven different colors and also two safety colors.

Things to Consider

This system will provide you with a softer finish compared to the next system we will be mentioning. Since this system comes with a solvent based urethane top coat, the odors from the solvent will be present during application. Take into consideration that proper ventilation must be present in order to withstand the harsh fumes. Just like UCoat, this system will resemble whatever surface you are applying it to. A way to disguise imperfections in the concrete with this system is to add our decorative flake option!

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Mopar uses our UCoat with UGloss-AF system to provide a high gloss, easy to clean surface to show case their technical Center.

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Our UClad-LV system is different compared to our UCoat and our UCoat with UGloss-AF systems. This is a high-build, low viscosity system that can provide you with more protection and strength than UCoat and UCoat with UGloss-AF can.

Each year UCoat It exhibits at various tradeshows throughout the United States, speaking with thousands of attendees.  So as begin our 2023-24 tradeshow season we thought we would put together a blog of some of the most common questions asked to us at tradeshows. 

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