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UDecor Tint Additive

UDecor Tint

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UDecor Tint

UDecor Tint Product Image
Udecor Tint Additive
UDecor Tint Product Image

UDecor Tint is a decorative concrete stain that can be used to add a splash of color to otherwise bare, unprotected concrete. Applied by mixing with either our UGloss top coat or USeal concrete sealer, this highly decorative product can be used both indoors and out and provides a great low-cost option for those looking to spice up their floors.

Available in 12 different standard colors, this product is ideal for those looking for a highly decorative finish with an easy application and quick turnaround time.

Package Size / Square Footage

  • UDecor Tint 4 Oz

    Typical Coverage 200-576 sq. ft. Coverage varies depending on selected top coat and density of tint desired. Cannot be applied to any other UCoat It product.

Available Colors

Bulletin Red Tint Color Tile  Burnt Sienna Tint Color Tile  Burnt Umber Tint Color Tile  Exterior Yellow Tint Color Tile  Interior Yellow Tint Color Tile  Lamp Black Tint Color Tile  Permanent Red Tint Color Tile  Phthalo Blue Tint Color Tile  Phthalo Green Tint Color Tile  Raw Sienna Tint Color Tile  Raw Umber Tint Color Tile  Venetian Red Tint Color Tile