UClad Lg 3


UClad is a self leveling 100% epoxy coating used to repair spalled and pitted areas of concrete surface.  UClad is odor free, has very little volatile organic compounds and has no combustible fumes.

Ideal Uses

UClad can be applied to any concrete surface with imperfections such as spalls or pits. UClad can be applied in multiple coats to create a smooth finish over extremely rough concrete.

How It Is Applied

UClad is applied between primer of UCoat or UPrime within 72 hours of the primer.  For application of the UClad a squeegee and a 3/8″ nap roller cover should be used (included in the UClad Kit).  Use squeegee to spread the UClad and back roll with a 3/8″ nap roller to even out the coating.  Coating the entire surface will create a more desirable finish, otherwise a noticeable surface texture difference will be present when using UClad in sections.