UGlaze® is a water based two component, non-yellowing aliphatic urethane top coat.  UGlaze is typically used to coat and seal concrete, wood, metal and plastic, as well as a top coat over any UCoat It® floor coating system.


UGlaze® provides a hard, gloss finish with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, plus uv stability for outdoor exposure.  When used outdoors UGlaze® is well suited for areas subject to high humidity which are prone to fungal and bacterial growth. 


As a water repellent, UGlaze® provides excellent sealing capacity against the penetration of water while retaining the ability to allow water vapor to eacape.


  • Kit    (1.5 Gallons plus Tools)
  • Double Pack    (1.5 Gallons)
  • Single Pack    (.75 Gallon)
  • Contractor Pack    (6 Gallons)

Quick Specs:

Coverage Per Gallon: up to 600 sq.ft.

Gloss Rate: High Gloss

Working Time: 90 minutes at 68°

Dry Time: 4 to 6 hours at 68°

Full Cure: 3 to 5 days at 68°

Required Products:

Primer:  None Required if being applied directly to concrete as a sealer.  If used as a top coat the recommended primer would be UCoat.


UGlaze Colors:

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