Floor Coating Systems UCoat, UCoat with UFlek, UCoat with UFlek-AF
Location: Royal Oak, MI
Projects Completed From: 2009-2016

City Background
The city of Royal Oak is located in Oakland County, Michigan, a suburb of the Metro Detroit area. Home to three Fire Stations, one Police Station, and 49 public parks, Royal Oak is the 27th largest municipality in Michigan by population and the 8th largest municipality in the county of Oakland.


Project Backgrounds


Over the course of 7 years, Royal Oak has made multiple improvements throughout the community. Royal Oak needed floor coating systems that would provide durability, enhance appearance, and be resilient to abrasions. The areas within the municipality that upgraded their substrates were the vintage Fire House, Animal Shelter, Farmers Market, DPW locker rooms and restrooms, Memorial Park concession stands, and the Public Service Maintenance Center.


Vintage Fire House


Royal Oak’s Vintage Fire House was coated in 2010 with our UCoat Black floor coating system. The fire house had bare concrete before getting coated which made the UCoat process simple and easy. The fire house needed a coating that would hold up to the heavy amount of foot traffic it receives since becoming a museum. Ultimately, their new floor coating was able to provide them with exceptional durability against heavy foot traffic and a professional gloss finish that added to the overall appearance of the facility.


Animal Shelter


The Royal Oak Animal Shelter coated their substrate in February 2016 with UCoat Medium Gray, UFlek White and Orange, and a UGlaze topcoat. The animal shelter had been previously coated but because of its condition did not need to be removed before the new coating. This system gave the animal shelter a protective finish on their flooring that would withstand against stains and fluids, added a decorative appearance, had a quick turnaround time, and gave a pet safe anti-slip additive.


Farmers Market


The Royal Oak Farmers Market chose to coat their entry ways with UCoat Beige and UFlek Sandstone in May 2016. The entry ways of the market had been previously coated in some areas but were still in decent shape which meant the new coating could go on right over top of the old. The farmers market holds food and clothing vendors along with weddings, festivals, and rallies throughout the year. They chose this specific system because of its decorative qualities and its ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic, food and drink spills, and harsh chemical cleaners.


Locker Room and Restrooms


The Department of Public Works locker room and restrooms coated their floors in 2015 with UCoat Medium Gray with Heavy Broadcast of UFlek Variegated Gray and Orange flakes and was topped off with UGlaze. The floors in these areas had been previously tiled but were easily removed before the fresh coating. The added UFlek flakes help to camouflage substrate imperfections making this a great choice for the DPW. The UGlaze topcoat gave the DPW locker room and restrooms a high-shine finish as well as a protective seal.


Maintenance Center


The Public Service Maintenance Center was coated in 2012 with UCoat Medium Gray and a UGlaze topcoat. The concrete in this area had no previous coating which made this job quick and easy. This facility maintains and fixes all city service vehicles so it was imperative that the floor coating protected against abrasions and high vehicle traffic, provided a barrier to chemicals, and helped reduce hard impacts from machinery.


Memorial Park


Royal Oak’s Memorial Park concession stand coated its substrate in 2009 with UCoat Light Gray and UFlek-AF Deco. The concession stands concrete was bare before they decided to upgrade it with a floor coating system making the process very simple. The UFlek-AF system has a solvent based polyurethane topcoat which provided a barrier against harsh chemical cleaners, gave their kitchen a greater seal from food and drink spills, and added protection from heavy foot traffic.


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