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Some Of Our Popular Systems

UCoat It offers a wide variety of floor coating systems for virtually any type of area.  Here are a few of or popular systems:

UCoat with UGloss-AF Layer Anatomy

UCoat with UGloss-AF

UCoat with UGloss-AF is a vibrant, full color system designed for use in areas that experience low to medium traffic and require chemical and abrasion resistance. This high gloss system can help improve light reflectivity and brightening up any area.

UClad-LV Layer Anatomy


A valuable low viscosity high build epoxy option for areas requiring a extremely durable and chemical resistant finish. Requires little downtime and is ready for traffic in as little as 12 hours. This high gloss finish system is a two coat application.

Finitezza Layer Anatomy


A multi coat high build epoxy system for high traffic areas that requires excellent abrasion resistance. Finitezza provides the ability to fill imperfections in the surface while providing a high gloss finish.

Ultralife Layer Anatomy


Ultralife is a decorative floor coating system with exceptional hiding characteristics. This multi-layered epoxy features a full broadcast of UFlek flakes and multiple coats of UGloss-AF for superior chemical and abrasion resistance.

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Applying Over an Existing Coating

Do you have a floor that needs re-coating? This video will show you how easy it is to apply UCoat It over an existing floor coating…