Floor Coating System: UCoat It UFlek-AF System


Location: El Paso, TX


Completion Date: 2006


Company Background: MSD Ignition designs, develops, tests and manufactures an entire line of high-performance products including Ignition Controls, Coils, Timing Accessories and Accessories. The Texas facility encompasses over 84,000 square feet and is housed in three buildings which include four engine dynos, two chassis dynos, complete CNC and machining centers, modern shipping and packaging areas plus assembly and burn-in departments.


Project Background: MSD Ignition was looking to coat a previously bare dyno testing area. They therefore needed a coating for this area to protect against automotive fluids, hide scuff marks, and protect against heat from the tires.


Strategies/Challenges: The main challenge was to find a floor coating system that fulfilled all their specific needs while still looking professional, was easy to clean, and quick to install. With no previous coating over the concrete, preparation work was minimal.


Results/Solutions: The floor is finished in UCoat Light Gray with UFlek-AF Deco to match the company colors. UFlek-AF is a decorative system but still is excellent at protecting against abrasions and chemicals, and hiding minor imperfections in the substrate. MSD Ignition’s light gray, high-gloss floor coatings were completely cured and ready to use in just a few days.


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