Floor Coating System: UCoat It UGloss System


Location: Burbank, CA


Completion Date: 2009


Company Background: The Jay Leno Show debuted Monday, September 14, 2009 on NBC. Before moving in, the existing concrete floor was left bare, unprotected and in serious need of dressing up. The area is exposed to extensive foot traffic and equipment use including movable camera mounts, seating, lighting, carts, dollies, and other set equipment.


Project Background: The Jay Leno Show eventually became The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the Studio 11 set of 3,500 square feet needed an epoxy flooring for public and employee safety that would be environmentally friendly. Besides being durable enough to handle the traffic, the floor also needs to look sharp and be easy to clean.


Strategies/Challenges: Due to the location, there were several environmental factors to consider. The indoor location meant that any coating used must not omit odors that are typically associated with polyurethane coatings. Additionally, the coating would need to be comprised of environmentally-safe compounds.


Results/Solutions: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was coated with our UCoat Medium Blue with UGloss topcoat. The show staff and Jay take satisfaction in knowing that the UCoat It floor coating system they used was environmentally friendly being water-based, odor-free and fast-and abrasion resistance.


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