Floor Coating System: UCoat It UGloss-AF System


Location: Troy, MI


Completion Date: 2009


Company Background: Jagersbo Kennels has a rich history being first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1928. The original kennel, built in 1935, still stands today. Over the years, several improvements have been made to the facilities to continue to offer excellent boarding and pet daycare amenities for animal lovers throughout the Southeast Michigan region.


Project Background: Jagersbo Kennels was looking for a floor coating for pet areas that would withstand animal soiling, chemical cleaners, and potential surface abrasions. They were also in need of a nonslip finish that would provide adequate traction for pets while remaining safe for their paws.


Strategies/Challenges: The main objective for Jagersbo Kennels was the removal of their old, lifted coating which was taken care of by a simple process of paint stripping. In addition to this, they wanted the new coating to provide a brighter and more professional environment, a quick turnaround time, and be easy to install.


Results/Solutions: Jagersbo Kennels decided to coat their substrate in UCoat Medium Gray with UGloss-AF top coat. The end results gave Jagersbo Kennels all the benefits they wanted including stain and fluid resistance, high-shine appearance, and a pet safe anti-slip additive.


For additional facility information, visit: www.jagersbo.com