Floor Coating System: UCoat It UGloss-AF System


Location: Bennington, VT


Completion Date: 2008


Company Background: The Hemmings Sibley Shop is located within Hemmings’ home campus in Bennington, VT. Originally a storage and display area, it was converted in 2007 to a working garage area and is used as a resource location for automotive product testing and research for feature articles and background information for Hemmings publications.


Project Background: With an old floor coating that was chipping and peeling, the Hemmings Sibley Shop was in need of a major flooring update. The shop needed a floor coating that would withstand motor vehicle traffic, occasional fluid spills, while also serving as a backdrop for photo shoots.


Strategies/Challenges: The main challenge for Hemmings Sibley was the removal of old floor paint that was chipping and peeling off. This was easily removed by a grinding process and then was ready to prep for the new coating. Another objective The Hemmings Sibley Shop had was to find a floor coating system that would look clean and professional because their automotive shop is also used for magazine photo shoots. Along with these conditions, they needed a floor coating that would be easy to wipe clean, provide a chemical and water barrier, and have high durability.


Results/Solutions: The Hemmings Sibley Shop decided to apply UCoat Medium Gray with UGloss-AF topcoat on their substrate. With the previous floor paint removed, the new coating went on smooth and with no problems. The coating was able to enhance the overall appearance of the shop floors while also remaining easy to clean and providing the chemical and abrasion resistance that they needed.


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