Floor Coating System: UCoat It UFlek-AF System


Location: Cooper City, FL


Project Completion Date: 2008


Company Background: Located about 15 miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale, Cooper City Utilities operates the municipal water treatment plants and waste management facility serving the community of Cooper City, Florida and surrounding areas. Cooper City Utilities delivers 3.2 million gallons of high quality water at an affordable cost to 10,400 homes and businesses, making it one of the most efficient in the state.


Project Background: Cooper City Utilities needed a floor coating for its facility that would protect from the potential of chemical and water spills. The area was not previously coated which made application simple and easy. Along with gaining protection from this floor coating they also wanted to improve the appearance of their substrate.


Strategies/Challenges: The main challenge that Cooper City Utilities faced was having to coat over an old and damaged floor. With chips, cracks and spalled areas, they needed a system that would help them create a uniform finish and prevent any further damage to the substrate.


Results/Solutions: The concrete floors throughout the facility, including storage rooms, water treatment and traffic areas were finished in UCoat Medium Gray with a UFlek-AF Dove top coat. All cracks, chips, and spalled areas were filled using various prep materials in order to create a smooth surface, on which the systems could be applied. The Cooper City Utilities logo was painted directly onto the floor using a two-part urethane paint and then top coated with UGloss-AF clear.


For additional facility information, visit: www.coopercityfl.org